Particularly in the Northwest, proper roof ventilation can make a large difference in the lifespan of your roof and the energy-efficiency of your home. Ventilation, when done correctly, circulates fresh air throughout your attic and reduces the level of moisture inside. Inadequate ventilation will allow extra moisture to build up in your home during the winter and decrease energy efficiency in the summer. This poses a challenge during the particularly rainy Northwest winters: excessive moisture can lead to mold in your home, as well as moss and algae growth on the roof itself, which will shorten its lifespan.

Although roofs can differ in ventilation needs, all roofs need intake and exhaust systems.. Sometimes, roofers will not install both the intake system and the exhaust system and tell you that you only need an intake system. The most effective ventilation, in most applications, is a ridge-and-soffit continuous ventilation system, but even these systems can vary depending on your home. Our roofing sales representative will explain about the best intake and exhaust ventilation system for your home.

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