Skylights, Gutters and Ventilation


Adding a skylight is a great way to bring in light to your home, especially here in the Northwest where we crave whatever natural sunlight there is. When you are considering a new roof for your home, it is a good time to either install new skylights or consider replacing the old ones you have with the high-quality products that are on the market.

Tubular day lighting devices, or TDDs. Are affordable, high-performance lighting solutions that bring daylight into interior spaces where traditional skylights can’t reach. Placed in hallways, closets, entryways, or bathrooms, these ‘light tubes” bring light in cost-effective, energy-efficient ways.

Both skylights and TDD’s reduce the need for electricity while keeping you connected to the outdoor environment. They are another option in choosing a roofing company. Many other roofing companies must outsource their carpentry work. As Haider Construction is also a general remodeling company, we employ skilled carpenters who will ensure that these options are expertly installed.


Proper drainage is essential in a reliable roof. We will evaluate your current gutters and downspouts and make recommendations for new ones if needed. Continuous aluminum gutters are the most reliable on the market today.

Gutter Protection Systems are also a wise investment to consider, especially if you are planning to live in your home into your later years. These products help minimize the annual maintenance that comes with falling leaves and debris. Our roofing sales reps can detail the advantages and expenses of these systems in their free roofing estimates when they visit your home.


Particularly in the Northwest, proper roof ventilation can make a large difference in the lifespan of your roof and the energy-efficiency of your home. Ventilation, when done correctly, circulates fresh air throughout your attic and reduces the level of moisture inside. Inadequate ventilation will allow extra moisture to build up in your home during the winter and decrease energy efficiency in the summer. This poses a challenge during the particularly rainy Northwest winters: excessive moisture can lead to mold in your home, as well as moss and algae growth on the roof itself, which will shorten its lifespan.

Although roofs can differ in ventilation needs, all roofs need intake and exhaust systems. Sometimes, roofers will not install both the intake system and the exhaust system and tell you that you only need an intake system. The most effective ventilation, in most applications, is a ridge-and-soffit continuous ventilation system, but even these systems can vary depending on your home. Our roofing sales representative will explain the best intake and exhaust ventilation system for your home.