Our Process

Our salesmen meet with our remodeling customers initially to discuss the particular vision and requirement of your remodeling job. The process is simple and straightforward.  We listen to what you need, create a plan in writing,  and meet again to address  specific needs.

Sometimes customers come to us ready to build with fully developed architectural plans.  More often we meet someone with a loose idea in their head about what they envision for their home.  Whatever stage you are in your remodeling concept, we help guide you through the process to determine your exact needs.  A  budget and time frame that is clear and understandable is then developed.  This process takes time, and their is plenty of back and forth communication at this stage. 

Too many people spend their hard earned dollars and valuable time working out the details of a plan only to find out in the end that the project would cost more than their budget allows.   They may run into permit problems.  Our experts help navigate you through all the variables of your project from design work to project completion.

Our long-standing relationships with specialty subcontractors help you make informed choices.   We work as a team with the architect or designer to look for efficiencies in the building process, to minimize or eliminate the need for change orders.

Unlike many other remodeling companies, our Master Carpenters and crews are our full time employees.  This helps ensure that your job will not be a “start and stop” experience.  Once we have assigned a carpenter and crew to your job, they will be scheduled to finish it.

Finally, we  present a bid and a contract for you to review after explaining all product options and job site considerations.