Bring on the Deck!

Deck made of ipé wood from South America

Deck made of ipé wood from South America

The weather is beginning to warm up and if you are anything like us, you are beginning to put away your interior home projects and think about projects on the exterior of your home.  A well built and attractive deck allows you to better enjoy the outside world, as well as extend your living space outdoors. A truly great deck is designed with scale and material in mind.

Even at the Haider home, our spring poject is to pick out materials to cover an old concrete deck with something durable, cost effective and attractive.  There are so many choices, that even we are feeling a little bowled over!

In coming posts we will talk about the different decking materials available to the Northwest consumer.  The local standards of cedar and redwood now run up against many imported lumbers: jarrah (a member of the eucalyptus family) from western Australia, ipé from South America, and mahogany from Central America.

At Haider Construction, it is important to us to choose only materials that are sustainably harvested.  Look for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification―it means these imported lumbers have been grown and harvested in a sustainable manner.

More information on ipe from the Wall Street Journal Online.